… song of the day … Paisley Fields … James Wilson …Windows Fogged Up In Your Pickup Truck

My life has been an adventure populated by a cast of extremely interesting and gifted characters, who, long after I don’t see them daily, continue to pop up when I least expect them. Like today. Here’s the story (and the song of the day):

A few summers ago (I can’t honestly remember if it was two or three or …) I had the honor of appearing in an original musical at the Fringe Festival in New York. It was quite exciting and I spent a month with a wonderful group of people, one of whom was James Wilson ((CLICK HERE FOR HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL)) who was the orchestra for the show. He also played at a sing-along bar some nights and I went twice and sang while he followed my warbling. It was grand fun and heady times, being in New York and pretending I would stay there forever and have such fun.

Now, here is his music, and you will love it too. Watch it. Like his channel. Buy his work. He appears as the bartender long around 1:23 in the video. You couldn’t hope to meet a nicer, more talented man. Enjoy.

Isn’t that beautiful? I love it very much. And I love the video story-telling as well. Congratulations, James. He was mentioned on Towelroad. Nice.

(AND P.S. SIDENOTE: If you read my earlier post about acculturated homophobia and male gay culture’s embrace of that sort of hatred [[AND IF YOU HAVE NOT – CLICK HERE TO DO SO]], and if you want proof of what I’m saying, read the comments on Towelroad about this song. Such bile and poison, just a shame.)

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