… AmericanHorrorStory: COVEN … finally I have something to do Wednesday nights …

Mr. Ryan Murphy has given me many happy moments in the last few years since AMERICAN HORROR STORY began. I think it’s a work of genius. I love the repertory feel of it and his gift for attracting (and keeping) great and interesting and sexy and beautiful actors – not that they all have ALL of those qualities, but, a surprising number do.

Jessica Lange. Sarah Paulson. Zachary Quinto. Enough said right there. Then I say EVAN PETERS and … I need to stop. BUT, I’m not much good at stopping, and what’s EVEN BETTER about Ryan Murphy is that he has what seems to be the same cultural sensibility as do I, and so, I can count on long, intricately woven, Tennessee Williams-esque, gothic monologues delivered by brilliant actresses and, of equal importance, on seeing Evan Peters ass.

Here are the main titles for this season:

This is why I will be turning off my phone even earlier on Wednesday nights than I have been doing the rest of the days of the week. Although, last season I was forced to live-Tweet during the show, giving myself the feeling I was part of the cult-munity of AHS-watchers. But, not sure if I’ll be doing that this season … so pathetic and obsessed am I that I would watch the prior week’s episode in the hour before the week’s new episode, after the watching of which I would them IMMEDIATELY watch its instant repeat. The week Jessica, Sarah, and Evan did “The Name Game” I almost ended up in an asylum myself, so COMPLETELY HYPNOTIZED was I by the number (I’m pretty sure Evan wasn’t wearing underwear during the dance sequence – but, am embarrassed to admit, I didn’t notice that myself – another AHS-lunatic on-line pointed it out) ((READ ABOUT AND WATCH IT BY CLICKING HERE)).

I would like to make a casting and story suggestion. (What? Look, a man can dream.) Evan Peters needs to have some man on man action this season and it should be with a Brit and that Brit should be played by Russell Tovey. He’s in this country filming that Jonathan Groff thing for HBO anyway. Sign him up. I am available for consultations at any time, Mr. Murphy. I used to write ten full length shows a year for groups of children to adults ON DEMAND for the students I had – and if you think actors, producers, and critics are harsh – they have NOTHING on children and parents and community theatre types – TRUST ME ON THIS.

I can take pressure. In fact – you want a horror plot for next year – do community theatre and arts schools. Now there’s a nightmare.

I’m waiting.

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