… synchronicities and surprises … and genius grants (dammit) …

Well, one more year passes when I do NOT win the MacArthur Foundation Genius grants. Damn the luck. It seems some very deserving people did (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THEM IN NYTimes). Nonetheless, I have – since I was a child – had this sort of ridiculous, ongoing fantasy that SOMEHOW I would be discovered by someone (like the MacArthur Foundation or the Medici Family) and “funded”. I dreamed that the theatre I made or, now, the writing I do, would be seen and APPRECIATED by one of these types of groups or people and I’d be granted a monthly stipend in perpetuity – perhaps given a part of a palace in which to live – and all my fears could be alleviated, my debts settled, and I could … well, we all have our stories, don’t we?

In any event, not this year. Drat.

So, me being me, I was going to write a LONG entry about all the things I have NOT won and have NOT gotten and how UNappreciated I am. BUT … then this morning happened.

Kenneth Walsh ... from his website

Kenneth Walsh … from his website

I have a list of sites I visit daily. One of my favorites is “Kenneth in the (212)” ((CLICK HERE TO VISIT)) written by Kenneth Walsh ((CLICK HERE FOR HIS TWITTER)). I’ve read it for years. I knew he had some sort of connection to Frederick, Maryland, where I live, so, like that time I found out Barbara Walsh knew some of the same people I did because she sat next to me at a musical the DAY AFTER I HAD SEEN HER ON BROADWAY AS JOANNE IN COMPANY (yeah, that happened) – I just get these joneses from knowing someone in New York – the city – has some Frederick connection – so, I love Kenneth Walsh all the more. Then, in today’s entry, he talks about his brother, Bill Walsh ((CLICK HERE FOR HIS TWITTER)), who wrote “Lapsing Into Comma” and “The Elephants of Style” and “Yes, I Could Care Less” – my BIBLES of grammar and usage! THEY ARE BROTHERS AND I DIDN’T KNOW IT?

So, me being me, I wrote to Mr. Walsh (Kenneth) a short appreciation of this information and his site and his brother’s work and how happy it made me to know that each morning as I sat at my desk, writing (I.E. killing time NOT writing by reading Mr. Walsh’s site – and others) with the bibles of grammar and usage by his brother inches away, there was also a Frederick connection. Lapsing Into CommaHe wrote me back a terribly charming response and informed me of yet ANOTHER Frederick connection – there is a third brother nearby!

I know, I know, but this sort of thing just tickles and delights me. Furthermore, that he bothered to take the time out of his busy day to reply and make my day was so kind; IN A WORLD THAT CAN BE AS NASTY AS THE ONE IN WHICH WE ARE LIVING, this is a beautiful thing and I am filled with gratitude.

So, NO, I did not win the MacArthur genius grant nor get a literary agent nor meet the 40-something man of my dreams at the gym or anywhere else – but, I had a lovely inter-web interlude with a writer I admire. And that is more than enough. Thank you, Mr. Walsh. Thank you, Universe.

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