… twitter feed … sat. night …

I am an imaginary person on Twitter. My Tweets are often fanciful – less about my real life than they are about some of the imaginary people I pretend to be as I am writing my various novels. And let me tell you, being all these people EXHAUSTS me.

Im sick of people

So, here are some of my Tweets from the week. I’d explain them but … I want you to buy the novels and memoirs when they come out.

18 Sep

I told some of my secrets today and guess what – my friend still loved me – praised me even – good times

18 Sep

Why is EVERYONE slut-shaming for his jackoff tape? What’s wrong with jacking off. Hypocrites. People make me sick.

18 Sep

That’s a lot of cock. At the Great Frederick Fair w/

fair cock

18 Sep

Im going to the gym half drunk. I love my friends !

18 Sep

On hearing that there is NOW a winegarden at the Great Frederick Fair, my niece said, “Oh, guess you’ll be at the Fair all the time now.”

19 Sep

Is it only Thurs? Because it feels like next week already. I don’t know HOW I used to leave the house every day –

19 Sep

Words I never thought I’d hear: “I’d be happy to pay you … is that what you’re waiting for?” Uhm. Wow.

19 Sep

I’d pretty much sell my non-existent soul for a guy who wears JohnDeere cap w/out irony & never considered himself “hip” – men exhaust me

19 Sep

Sometimes I wonder how you get through every day knowing how you’ve made me feel – how do you justify it? Such a mystery what you became.

19 Sep

I wasn’t going to drink tonight but I can practically HEAR the wine calling to me … and I don’t want to hurt its feelings

19 Sep

PS: the man who wears the JohnDeere cap w/out hipster irony sh/also be okay w/ watching ProjectRunway with me: or, he can go shoot something

19 Sep

If I hear “I have to wait til my wife goes to bed” ONE MORE TIME . .

19 Sep

how did i – a person who spent his life in theatre – end up involved with so many straight men? I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS

19 Sep

I FIRMLY ERECTLY believe that if America got over its fear of sex – about three quarters of our problems would be solved. Fuck someone now!!

20 Sep

Remember that time you told me no one would ever love you like I did? You were right. So that’s a GREAT reason to hate me.

20 Sep

Trying to write @ diff between sex w/20-somethings & 40/50-somethings & think I may AT LAST have found my TMI wall –


i’ve been really REALLY nice this week. feel like i should get a prize.


Exiting gym; wafting food & exhaust smells, then a siren wailed;missed Manhattan so much I started to cry on sidewalk outside gym


I told a really funny story to A[sq] last night that I can’t write in my blog and it is killing me


Yes, i KNOW it was a pic of you – but when I said PIC I meant one from THIS decade


It’s really a blast to be doing the teen/20s things I was too afraid to do now that I’m in my early 40s.


I cannot BELIEVE how popular I am w/people who don’t know my real name & people who have never met me –


Don’t ask ME for my cell number when you’ve told me your name is ShaneCockerille. I watch UofMd football sometimes you dick

Goodnight my friends. I’m spent. Really. Truly. SPENT.

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