… things i have not learned … and don’t want to …

I was having coffee with a dear friend who had just been treated like shit in a most despicably heinous way. Nonetheless, she continues on the high road, already letting go and moving on to the next adventure, seeing opportunity, finding beauty. I expressed this and she said, “No different than what you’ve done.”

Not really. I’ve been thinking about this a great deal. Here’s what is good about me; no matter what happens, no matter all evidence to the contrary, I honestly do believe that at the center of everyone is a core of Love and Light; and when people behave or experience OTHER than that, I think that is an anomaly, a lesson, a necessary part of the journey.

Learning. That’s part of the journey. I still have a lot to learn. Today, for example, I had only been awake for a few hours and I had already learned two new things.

1) SUBTWEETING. I had NO IDEA what that was. It’s the Tweet equivalent of backstabbing-gossiping. Here’s how the brilliant Tweetist (among other things) Whitney Trettien (Click here to find her on Twitter) defined it: Talking about someone/something but not @-ing them — kind of in public but behind their back. Indirect criticism/complaining.

I have been dealing with that my whole life in the non-virtual world. If it starts happening on Twitter, I’ll quit it just as soon as I quit Facebook. Fuck social media. And;

2) Believing in the Love & Light in everyone NEVER gets any easier. Or safer. It’s not as if I haven’t believed in and trusted what I thought was love before and found myself disappointed, lied to, betrayed. So, it probably shouldn’t have made me cry when someone I’ve spent some time with, and someone I thought was enjoying spending time with me for me, messages me: “It would be hot to get together with you -again.  I was wondering though – I am a little low on funds any way I could get some and get it back to you when paid.”

Really? Allow me to quote Fran Lebowitz from Notes on “Trick” from her book Metropolitan Life:

13. It is not unusual for the male aficionado to draw his Tricks exclusively from the lower orders. Such a person is, indeed, often attracted to the criminal element. When asked wherein lay the appeal, a spokesman for the group replied, “Everybody looks good when they’re under arrest.”

True that, Ms. Lebowitz. And so, I have come up with a solution to this country’s incarceration budget issue. Pimp out the (willing to do so) convicts. Boom. Everybody’s happy.

Look at me, practically turned unknowingly into a john and STILL looking on the bright side.


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