… autumn … it feels like autumn …

Days ago I started hearing this song in my head, marking the beginning of a decline I can no longer deny.

I’ve known this song since I was a wee child collecting all the Barbra Streisand albums – in vinyl. But only now, this year, these past few days for some reason, has this song been haunting me:

“…However green the hill, to me it still is Autumn/ I can feel the frost now/ That makes my Spring and Summer dreams seem lost now/ Why can’t the Autumn haze recall the days of warm Summer laughter/ that faded soon after/ in Autumn/…And though another season’s here I fear the emptiness of Autumn/ All the year…”

Yes, I am sinking into something. I have tried to fight it, but this strange and long and unexpected summer has passed, is now the past, and as I said a few days ago in a multiple-glasses-of-wine daze (CLICK HERE), the arrival of Labor Day and its memories set me into a downward spiral.

I was outside this morning, once the crazy bird had gone (CLICK HERE), reclining in the sun, in an effort to soak up some Vitamin D and joy, and I briefly slumbered, wakening to see this …

charlie leaves 2

the Autumn leaves had fallen on me … and I had to rise and write this post … nothing would do until I did. Because it’s Autumn …


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