… judge not … does that include car salesmen? …

Look, I hate to be a prick, and I know I shouldn’t type any of this, but here’s the thing: as I said in a previous post, I altered my preferred gym attendance time so I would not have to put up with a group of basketball playing car salesmen in the locker room, showers, and sauna.

car sales slimy

Well the assholes have changed their time. I know I ought NOT call them assholes, but, here (again) is the thing – or – are the things;

1) There are two benches on the walls near the showers. Benches on which people like to sit in order to change clothes and such. These car selling jackholes are CONSTANTLY using these benches rather than the MANY AVAILABLE LOCKERS or – oh, I don’t know – THE FLOOR? – as resting places for their gym bags and towels, making it impossible for anyone to use the benches for their appointed purpose – you know, SITTING?

2) These guys are VERY LOUD. Which, I suppose, okay, perhaps – I am no expert on locker room etiquette having successfully avoided them for most of my life – but, IT SEEMS TO ME, if you walk into the sauna and the people in there are sitting, quietly, enjoying the heat, the sweat and the silence – maybe you should SHUT THE FUCK UP?

3) Bad enough they can’t shut up – but the things they talk about! In the past, in front of me – because apparently EVERYONE IN THE WORLD BUT THEM IS INVISIBLE – they have talked about personnel issues involving salespeople and staff NOT THERE, and used their names. BUT TODAY – they talked about a fellow who had been fired because he “put his hands on a woman” – apparently a woman who was test driving a car.

I canNOT bear to go into all the details of their conversation – but here are the LOWLIFE LOWLIGHTS – “Where was her husband anyway?” “They just want money or they wouldn’t settle for a payout.” “I think she led him on – he didn’t just do it – but maybe he went a little too far but she pushed him.” “I heard they went to a hotel and then she got scared someone would find out.” And on and on in this vein. I left the steam room in a huff.

But then, in the showers, they all launched into a discussion about Miley Cyrus – which then segued to Lindsay Lohan and Paris HIlton and how all of their fathers should have stepped in – and – oh dear god – I can’t continue with the sort of ridiculous asshole discussions that ensued, including what should happen to “Rolling Stones” [sic] magazine for putting “that bomb guy on the cover like he’s a star or something” and then –


Here’s my question – and thought – and fear – 1)I know the dealer at which they work in Frederick, Maryland – one of them is rather high-echelon there (supposedly); so should I report them and to whom? Or just write an anonymous article for a local paper or magazine suggesting NO ONE EVER GO TO THAT DEALER AGAIN! And 2) I want to complain to management but is my complaint legitimate or would asking them to shut the fuck up be a violation of their right to free-speech and I should just change my time again? And 3) They know who I am – or, rather, they don’t know who I am but they could describe me and I was today – as I had been in the past before I changed my time – the only one in the sauna with them as they had these discussions LIKE I WASN’T THERE – who talks like this in front of strangers?

What should I do?

One thought on “… judge not … does that include car salesmen? …

  1. I like your interesting blog – so I hope you don’t think I’m a stalker… Now, what to do?:
    Buy one of their used cars and shove the fuckin parts up their fuckin arseholes. (Excuse my language -I meant assholes). A great “diatribe” – a bit of a window into a soul perhaps. Thanks.

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