… things that make me go “WTF?!” …

(Calvin Klein spent 350 thousand on a lifesize, plywood model of the 75 million dollar house he was building and you people are complaining about him dating a 20 year old? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!)

So, not to beat a dead cat – I mean, what’s the point once it’s dead? – but, I HAVE A COLD. Thus, I feel justified in 1)eating HORRIFIC food, and 2) not going to the gym, and 3) being even testier than usual.

1) So, I know one is supposed to have chicken soup to relieve one’s cold symptoms, and so, I’m doing my own deconstructed version of same; fried chicken and wine. Once they get all mixed together, same damn thing.

2) I can’t breathe through either nostril. I can barely get myself off of the couch (unless it’s to go out and get that fried chicken). So, there is no way I can make it to the gym or through cardio. It’s okay. I haven’t skipped in ten days. One day off shouldn’t kill me; right?

3) Nasty. Testy. Here’s the thing. I read the New York Times Real Estate section. Calvin Klein has spent a decade building a beach house. He has spent 75 million dollars. He spent $350,000 (that’s three hundred and fifty THOUSAND dollars) to erect a LIFE-SIZE PLYWOOD MODEL OF THE HOME so he’d be sure it was what he wanted. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Okay, I’m all about people doing whatever they want with their money, I guess, or, rather, more, I’m all about not spending too much energy judging others or labelling behavior – BUT I DON’T GET THE LACK OF OUTRAGE HERE?!?! People have gone buck-fucking-wild over Calvin Klein dating (buying) a 30 years younger straight-boy-toy – there is this huge outrage and calling him a terrible person. Not only do I NOT have a problem with it, if I had his money and prestige, I would – I AM 100% CERTAIN – also be INFLUENCING myself into “relationships” with hot young men who were 30 years younger than me. What I would NOT be doing, is spending 75 MILLION DOLLARS on a house – I mean – REALLY? WHY?

But – okay – whatever. Trying not to judge. WHAT I AM JUDGING IS THIS SOCIETY – it really REALLY says something that people get into such high dudgeon and righteous indignation about Calvin dating someone so young – or women dating someone younger – women are called COUGARS, Gay men are called DADDYs, and when heterosexual men do it – which they have been doing FORFUCKINGEVER – they are called Donald Trump – or, lucky. So, who he dates is a disgrace – but WASTING 350,000 ON A TEAR DOWN MODEL – that’s 20 times more than most Americans make IN A YEAR – is not causing a huge uproar?

Some days – it is all I can do not to just grab the nearest living thing and throttle it – which brings me back to that cat topic with which I started – sorry about that kitty –

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