… three hours of sleep … but who’s counting? ….

Yesterday was a very busy day: well, for me. I moved from one to another house/pet-sitting gig but was really juggling both houses, with a dear one taking over one for me (until this evening) while I started another; lots of driving and packing and meeting and etcetera and saying goodbye to the mountain home and its two dogs and one cat, and hello to the in-town home and its two dogs and three cats (blessedly free-roaming felines) and there I was … so busy that I never managed to fit the gym in … and here I am, going nowhere now because I am SO EXHAUSTED.

Leslie Kelly, "DON'T LOOK AWAY" cover

Leslie Kelly, “DON’T LOOK AWAY” cover

Why? Well, not exactly and only because of all that running, but, rather, because at 10pm last night, as I was comfortably settled in with my wine (thoughtfully left by my “hosts”) and my Kindle-version of author Leslie Kelly’s thriller, “Don’t Look Away” – I receive this Tweet from a dear friend:


What? Yes, it’s true. The first seven episodes of the BRILLIANT, 17 Emmy Nominations, Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk production, “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” were running from 10pm to 5am and guess who had to watch them all (almost)? Yes. Me. Even though I have seen them – TWICE at least – before – what could I do?

I am POWERLESS in the face of Ryan Murphy’s plotting and production, the acting of Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, James Cromwell, Zachary Quinto – and, oh yes, did I mention Evan Peters ass?

So, there I was, most of the night long, on the couch, entranced, enchanted, and – I had forgotten this part – TERRIFIED by “American Horror Story: ASYLUM”. The exorcism scenes. The caning scenes. The Jessica flashbacks. The Sarah Paulson subtleties. And, did I mention, Evan Peters’ ass?

Making it EVEN more exciting were the previews – well – 15 second teaser trailers – for the upcoming AHS season of COVEN – which starts in October. Not that I haven’t already obsessively watched and re-watched and even blogged those trailers – but, something about them being on actual TV instead of my computer – I’m an AHS geek. Just can’t help it.

And I needed the marathon. It softened the blow of reading yesterday that Chandler Massey has left “Days of Our Lives”. I only watched the show because of his portrayal of Will. I usually watch it while I’m at the gym, timing my visit to bike or treadmill during DAYS. Alas, he will be gone. And so, the last soap I have anything to do with, I will now have nothing to do with. Wow.

But, okay. Soaps are the past, Limited series like AHS and PROJECT RUNWAY and such are now my thing. And, frankly, the fewer things I have to watch, you know – the better off I am, really, I mean – READ A DAMN BOOK! Speaking of, back to Leslie Kelly’s novel – my Kindle tells me I’ve an hour left – which is good, because I need to finish that, and visit the gym, and take a nap so I can be ready for TONIGHT’s 10pm to 5am part two of the AHS:ASYLUM marathon – because – you know – it’ a freaking amazing show and  – oh, did I mention Evan Peters’ ass?

evan peters underwearevan peters frontevan peters ass

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