…weekend sexting (HMU) …life and… on the road again…

Not much time for a morning blog … I’m heading out again, to another home, with another set of pets, for another week of writing and reading in a bucolic setting … and I am looking forward to it; my KindleFire is loaded, I’ve a bag of actual, real books as well, and here I am, going.

I’ve been surfing the web for news and such (and mostly just killing time between votes for STEREK on #SLASHMADNESS at TheBacklot.ComGO HERE AND VOTE FOR STEREK RIGHT NOW – you can only vote once an hour, alas.) and found this article about sexting and boys and teen hookups and culture on Slate – have you read it?

Look, I understand everyone wants to be all up in arms about sex, and especially about young people having sex; but, uhm, people, listen: PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HAVING SEX SINCE THERE WERE PEOPLE. Virtual hooking-up and sexting: what the hell is the big deal? Get over it. If we’d stop being so afraid of bodies and sex – if we’d treat it like the normal bodily function it is instead of like a sacrament, uhm, the world would be a whole hell of a lot better off. GET OVER YOURSELVES. Listen, why not send someone a sext today? Just to get the feel?

Collage People have sent me sexts. Shit, I’d sext them back if I was in any way attractive or the thought of pictures of me unclothed floating around didn’t terrify more than nuclear accidents. Alas, those days are gone. I keep imagining we might some day live in a world where witty literary snippets would lure people into my web.

Alas, I’ve no web. I’ve just me and my books, sitting by a pool, reading. And working on a writing project (or four) and singing. My goodness but I am doing a lot of singing.

OOOOH – on the “did that really happen” front. Yesterday I was in DTFdk Starbux and saw someone I hadn’t seen in a while who did what someones one hasn’t seen in a while ought; he said the following: “Wow, Charlie, I didn’t recognize you. Have you lost a lot of weight? Or, something? You look really good – and your hair, all short like that and those glasses – you look – really – new.”

Well, okay. No, I haven’t lost a lot of weight – physically – but existentially, I think I may just have lost a couple of lifetime’s worth of shit.

Happy weekend. Hope to see you (but I’ll be in seclusion by a pool – feel free to contact me – those three of you who know how – maybe we can work out a visit?)

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