…2nd Post of the Day…just some stuff I (someone else) found…

The Backlot.com is one of my favorite sites for keeping up with stuff. Check it daily. Today was a bonanza. I want you to GO THERE and vote in the SLASHMADNESS poll – STEREK MUST TRIUMPH!



So vote for Sterek, from TEEN WOLF. NOW. Then come back and watch these . . .

This YouTube vid of a poem about a man’s obsessive OCD love can’t help but strike a nerve in anyone who has ever been TOO STUCK on someone (that would be all of us.) – Watch –

And then, on a much lighter note – MAYBE – this vid of a bar mitzvah number – honestly – thinking about the money spent on this – I don’t really have an issue with it – I think we spend too much time worrying about what people do with their money when our own government is spending millions drone-strike-killing people and spying on us – so, why bitch about a kid’s party? Word of advice though – don’t wear white. It looks bad on almost everyone.

Now, if you didn’t read my FIRST ENTRY today – click back here and DO IT – HIT ME. SHARE ME. GIMME SOME I GOT LOVE-NESS.

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