Speaking of past blog entries for which the hits keep coming … my entry from April 12, 2013: “Joe Jonas Comes Out”; in which I outed Joe Jonas (in Charlie-world, anyway) continues to be viewed – and re-viewed (so to speak) – I mean, whether they admit or not, almost everyone is obsessed with the dirty-doing of at least one JoBro; I myself, repeatedly, and without shame, have voiced my wish to get nasty with Nick and Joe (in that order and at the same time – Kevin can watch – if he MUST).

It was then – just last week (I think – time flies when you’re looking at semi-naked Jonas Brothers – well, Nick and Joe anyway) when Nick posted his man-did-that-go-viral half-naked selfie – and I wrote about it in my entry …reality…it’s not just a television show… – which also enjoyed quite a few hots. Sorry, HITS.

SO … imagine my delight to discover whilst trolling this morning (and P.S., I am EXHAUSTED, because I was up VERY late last night – I mean, I was blogging after 2a.m. – SURELY YOU READ THAT ENTRY: …out of the mists…into the fog… Heathcliff let me in…) a selfie of JOE JONAS to compete with NICK‘s! YEE-EFFING-HA!


Lookie here on CelebBuzz where they compare the two!


NOW – look carefully into the background of the Joe-selfie – the Joe holding his “yes indeed I am a gay-man” dog selfie – and, there in the background stands someone shirtless – and look even more carefully – through the window to his dick – I mean – his deck – and there is ANOTHER shirtless man. I suppose it is possible that these two dark-haired shirtless men are his brothers (but if Kevin is shirtless – no one wants to see that) – BUT in Charlie-world, he is having a Sungay Brunch with his harem of dark-haired hotties. YES, JOE JONAS HAS COME OUT AGAIN.

Or, on the other hand – it could be his brothers and they could be – STOP RIGHT THERE – not with Kevin they’re not. In any event, this is almost as exciting and provocative as when Joe started leaking photos of himself and his boyfriends and himself and gay pornstars –

joe jonas joe-jonas-m-cafe-date (9) jonas bros with porn star

– of course this was all before the big family/representative meetings where they blackmailed him into staying into the closet – which shut down Nick’s “about to come out as bisexual” publicity campaign too, not to mention Kevin’s “I Married A Beard” story. Ahhh, life.

Happy Friday morning. Anyone want to take me out for a drink?