. . . sloth . . . and SIDESHOW!!!!…and Cheyenne Jackson and Jeremy Jordan and Nathan Fillion and . . . I need a nap . . .

(Second Post of the Day . . . because I have to get off the couch and I’m sad and SIDESHOW is coming back and Cheyenne is getting a divorce and Ryan Gosling is in his underwear and Jeremy Jordan is gorgeous and WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE? Oh, sorry . . .someone talk about SIDESHOW with me and eat some fried chicken and mashed potatoes – I’M LONELY… )

Second day without going to the gym – although, it’s not too late and MAYBE I will get there later – we shall see. I’m planning on heading out for food at some point – there is nothing here at this house-sitting gig so I need to stock up. But, I’m sort of waiting for someone to invite me somewhere. Or, to dinner. Or, just text me. I’m feeling abandoned and lonely. Pretty barren here in Charlie-land of late. Anyway, first day at new gig (which is really an old and familiar and one of my favorite places to house/dog sit) and in between slothful reading on the couch here (and fighting the urge to nap) I have been forcing myself to get up and troll the internet – to keep in touch? Whatever.

Here’s the thing. Cheyenne Jackson is getting a divorce? Sadness.

And –

Why would a scene of Ryan Gosling stripping be cut from ANY FILM? Are the filmmakers insane? You may go directly to 2:30.

What did I tell you? I am not – however – going to watch this film as it seems too sad. I cannot, any longer, watch these sad, dirge-like, dark films. Too much for me. I have been watching – I am ashamed to say – reruns of Castle. I have never watched Castle, although I cannot understand why I have not.

NPH and Nathan

NPH and Nathan

I have always loved Nathan Fillion since he was on One Life to Live, and I obsessively watched Firefly re-run marathons because of him. And the whole Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog thing with Neil Patrick Harris – I mean – why didn’t I watch Castle before this? In any event, there it is. I’m now a Castle junkie.

And, get this – SIDESHOW is being revived. Sadly it is not reaching the Kennedy Center until after my sell-by date expires. So, I won’t see this one either. Here’s the dope though – read it – SIDESHOW CASTING.  But, no matter who they cast, never will anyone equal these two – NEVER –

And though no one will EVER outdo them – since I started with Cheyenne – and since he is now single – I mean – I hate for a marriage to break up – let alone two – but what about Jeremy – they have a lot of chemistry –

See? Oh god. I’m feeling afraid. I wish I could spend some time with someone who gets what Sideshow means to me. Fuck this. Fail.



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