2nd Post of the day – why can’t everyone be kinder?

2nd Post of the day – why can’t everyone be kinder?

I found this link via THE MILLIONS (click this or title) on Twitter – it’s George Saunders’ advice to graduates – and I read it and WOW. I wish, how I wish, that people took this advice and were kinder – especially to those who have been kind and loving to them, to those who need kindness – BUT, my experience has been, that people are NOT kind, and are MOST likely to be less kind just when you need it most – which has pretty much broken my heart and destroyed me. I loved mostly the wrong people. And trusted people who then found it (find it) easy to forget and betray and treat me like shit. Makes me so sad. I hope they are getting some satisfaction from the fact that they have made me so miserable. Good. Glad I could help them.

6 thoughts on “2nd Post of the day – why can’t everyone be kinder?

    • I’m not sure what that means? I spent much of my adult life reaching out, holding up, being kind and extending myself – and even more time INSISTING on the Light and Love in people against all contrary evidence; I found that when the tables turned and I needed some reciprocity, it was lacking in the world. Lacking in some of those on whom I most relied and who I had most supported. Now, yes, I have pulled away from the world a great deal, because of that experience – but I am not unkind to people, I am just removed from most interaction, because I cannot – do not – at this point, have the courage or strength to risk being hurt again. I was the change, for decades, see where it got me?

      • Wasn’t calling you out and I am well aware of what you have given/done for others. I can’t expect the world to treat me with kindness and it’s something I’m working on, but I can be kind to others. I’ve remove myself from things that I felt affected me in a negative way, and that sounds like what you’ve done.

        • Oh, there is PLENTY on which I can be called out, dear friend – I am always, it seems, in inventory. I am just now facing the existential sort of question: Why? As in, “Why be kind?” I mean, it FEELS as if it’s the right thing to do – but when you see so many people who are NOT particularly kind, and seem perfectly content, happy even, and enjoying benefits they’d NOT have were they “kind” – then one begins to wonder: HOLD ON, IS THIS SOME SORT OF SCAM? I mean, honestly, almost always, nice people do finish last. So, that’s my question, that’s my wonder, and that’s my quandary and conundrum – since CLEARLY people are not playing by the same rules, and abject cruelty and thoughtlessness and devious self-interest has gotten lots of people VERY FAR – what, in the end, is the point and purpose? I know, you have your faith, which gives you a foundation on which and from which to practice kindness – I have no faith, so, it’s a very different question then. Love you.

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