. . . dangerous liaisons . . .

Early today I went grocery shopping for the weekend’s birthday fete. Then I went to the gym. Then I came home and started cooking and spent all the rest of the afternoon making white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies and devils food/peanut butter cupcakes and prepping the seafood paella for tomorrow. Then a quick dinner.

I was exhausted. Long around 7:00 I descended here to my lair and watched the end of GOSFORD PARK (an earlier work of the fellow who wrote Downton Abbey and, too, Robert Altman) and now, DANGEROUS LIAISONS has begun. I love both of these films. I am lost in them.

Tomorrow I will go to the gym, make the birthday dinner and have the celebration. Then Monday begins a new house/dog sitting week in the country, through Friday, and then Saturday another. I shall be doing a great deal of driving – back and forth from the beautiful abode in Washington County to my gym in Frederick – so, get used to me Sheetz (that’s where I get my gas – I hate getting gas – it seems like such a waste of money – why can’t I get everywhere on a subway?) because – my week is planned.

And I’m not going to cook a thing. Hahahaha. I’ve a whole new pile of books from the most recent Amazon Gift Certificate I was given which I will be reading – in between the planned bacchanal with my puppy friends.

Now, if only someone would have asked me out for a drink tonight. Or, something.

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