. . . why Weiner should never have apologized in the first place . . . a world full of hypocrites . . .

In a country where the poverty level is at an all time high and its measure is obfuscated and manipulated by varying methods of calculation depending on political agenda, we are worried about Anthony Weiner‘s dick?

Weiner in Congress

Weiner in Congress

In a country where an innocent young man of color is shot down in cold blood and his murderer is acquitted, where the concept of “equal justice for all”* carries the asterisk proviso of “as long as you’re a middle class white man” – we’re worried about Anthony Weiner’s sexting?

In a country where the idea of providing minimum health care and a living wage to people is denigrated and blocked and called “welfare of the state” and “government dependency” by the VERY PEOPLE eager to bail out banks and subsidize oil and big business with that same state welfare and government dependency and yet people REFUSE to acknowledge that there is a class war going on – we’re focusing on WHEN someone sent a dick pic and fantasized about sex?

Don’t get me wrong. I think Anthony Weiner is an arrogant hypocrite who has lied and spun the truth to try to gain power. I wouldn’t vote for him. BUT NOT BECAUSE HE SEXTED, but, rather, because he called it “wrong” and “sexual misconduct” and apologized for it and lied about it.

What is wrong with this country? Why is everyone SO AFRAID of sex? If I had a “partner” or “spouse” – I wouldn’t care what they were doing sexually. Monogamy is boring. This is why we had the sexual revolution. Just because you have a relationship with someone, no one expects you to NEVER talk to another human, to ONLY share your deep thoughts and time with ONE person. That’s idiotic. It is no more realistic to expect to ONLY be physically attracted to ONE person your entire life.

Weiner looking for congress

Weiner looking for congress

It’s stupid. And it’s a complete construct of a patriarchal society‘s desire to control who produced offspring. It’s about money and power. MEN were in charge and MEN wanted to make sure that the children (well, the SONS) to whom they turned over the power and wealth they had amassed (usually by NOT very nice means – as is still, all too often, the case) were ACTUALLY their offspring.

But men ALWAYS fucked around. And, you know what, SO DID WOMEN. Only, women were called whores. Men were called “in charge.”

And this whole Weiner thing is just one more symptom of a society gone mad. If sex weren’t so ridiculously mystified and dirtified by society and culture, by the prigs and the religionists and the moralists determined to CONTROL everyone and everything – if sex were respected as a healthy expression of creativity and the soul – if it wasn’t made into some ridiculous mystery and connected to “love” and “pro-creation” and blah blah blah – if we, as a society, taught everyone to appreciate their bodies and honor the joy that sharing sexuality can bring – and were fucking RATIONAL (or rationally fucking) THEN NONE OF THIS WOULD BE AN ISSUE.

I don’t care with whom you have sex or sexts or anything else – I care that you are not working to UNDO a class war wherein 1% of the people in this country control 99% of the wealth; I don’t care that you jack-off in a sext, I care that you continue to legislate breaks for big business but NOT for a livable minimum wage or student loan relief; I don’t care that you have multiple lovers and a primary relationship and sometimes hook-up with people; I care that when Wall Street comes calling you throw people in need under the bus.

Weiner - SEXT ME, BUDDY?

Weiner – SEXT ME, BUDDY?

I mean, people, come on. Fuck whoever you want, but do NOT fuck any more people OVER.

I give the hell up. Oh, and Weiner, if only you’d said from the get-go, “Yep, I have a nice body and a nice dick and my wife and  aren’t backward moral-hypocrites; we like sex with each other and others, so, you know, GET OVER IT and let’s do something about poverty and healthcare and class warfare. And then, later, if you wanna maybe – you know – get off with me?”  See, you would be my HERO! But you sold out. STILL – you can send me a dick pic anytime you want. Loves it.


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