. . . i don’t have an answer . . .

People expect others – themselves – to DO things. And I have to say, the longer I live, the less point I see in any of the doing or the done? So much of it seems to be about filling time, or fulfilling expectations set by others or society – expectations of which one really has very little understanding. Once I began to ask – like a 2 year old gone wild – “WHY” about everything I was doing, saying, trying to be – well, it got me here. Where there is no answer. “Because I said so” doesn’t work in your later decades.orange oil

That said, I’m about to shower because I just spent two hours orange oiling furniture, swiffering the wood floors, disinfectant wiping the bathrooms, and vacuuming the house where I’m staying. It’s so clean here. I love it. And I enjoy keeping it that way. Then, after showering, I’m going to the gym, where I will get all sweaty and then sauna and shower again.

Why? I don’t have an answer.

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