. . . orphan black & the TATIANA MASLANY Emmy outrage . . .

How happy was I to hear that Tatiana Maslany‘s Emmy snub was trending on Twitter and had become the big story of the Emmy Nominations? EXTREMELY.

I came late to BBC-America‘s ORPHAN BLACK. Which was cool, because then I could watch the entire season on demand. Which I have done. Twice now. So far.

Long/short: Grifter-y/outlaw sort of girl, late one night witnesses her doppelgänger leap to her death in front of a subway and takes over her life, facilitating her own fake death. Soon enough, she discovers that there are many of “her” – she is a clone and the clones have somehow discovered one another and there is MUCH nefarious plotting by people in their lives and unseen corporations and government concerns. The clones are played by Tatiana Maslany – and she is a GENIUS. Look.

We all know that I worship and adore Jessica Lange and think her work on AMERICAN HORROR STORY is beyond compare. But, even I have to say that what Tatiana achieves on ORPHAN BLACK is deserving of – yes – beating even Miss Lange. Pure genius and technique and inspiration. This woman is a marvel.

And if she isn’t enough – she has a gay best friend/sidekick. Felix. Also gloriously done. Look.

I mean, lord, yes. YES. The actor is Jordan Gavaris AND HE’S NOT EVEN BRITISH!

On top of which, Maria Doyle Kennedy – who I also worship and adore from her turns in “Downton Abbey” and “The Tudors” is ALSO in this show. She is so pure. She has that British brilliance where her speaking is like singing? She acts in a way that makes all her lines seem like eleven o’clock ballads in a musical. There is so much more THERE when she speaks, and you can feel it all. So connected.

So, yes. I am obsessed. I love this show. And that it did not receive ONE EMMY NOMINATION is a travesty. A joke. And a damn shame.


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