. . . cry . . . nope . . . not gonna do it . . .

Well, after a lifetime of crying at the drop of a hat or Hallmark commercial, somehow, early June, when I quit smoking, I quit crying. I also spiraled into this thing that I am pretty sure is clinical depression.

So, imagine my surprise when today, at my dear sister’s urging, I met her for lunch after going to the gym. I’m house-sitting, so I headed to the home where we live, and within minutes of seeing her, she asked me some simple question having nothing to do with anything of any emotional import at all, and I started to cry.

I didn’t ACTUALLY do the sob thing, but the eyes watered and I felt it about to happen, and once that happened, then EVERYTHING I said seemed to bring it on. She said, “You need a pill.”

charlie upside down

Yeah. I may. But what I knew I really needed to do was control myself. So, I started my babbling and subject jumping thing, behaving as if I were a normal human being not in the throes of some sort of cosmic implosion. We got out of the house before I could really break down. I have a feeling that if I open these floodgates, there will be no stopping. So, we lunched, and I packed a bag full of more books – I’ve been given a lot of Amazon gift cards lately and so have been on an ordering spree – and headed back out here.

The dogs, I think they’re glad to see me. And I’m not going to cry. Oh, and TEEN WOLF is on tonight. So, there’s that.

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