. . . one of those blue agave hazed days . . .

I got up. I tended to the dogs and drank coffee. I hit the couch. I opened Harper’s Magazine. I got up to empty basement dehumidifier and did recycling and trash while I was up. Moved on to one of the books I’m reading. Took a nap. Moved on to another. Ate a nectarine and drank another bottle of water. Sent a text apology to a friend who was forced to witness my poor behavior under the influence of blue agave haze. Hated myself some more. Wished I had hangovers and headaches and such to punish me. Sat in the sun with the dogs. Realized it was 3:45. Shaved and showered. Wrote this. About to pick up a book (or three) and read for a few more hours.

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