. . . I love a microfiber mop and a Dyson vacuum . . . my simple house-sitting life…

I don’t know when I de-activated my Facebook page – maybe two or three weeks ago – which was shortly after I had deleted my Tumblr, which was shortly after I saw a picture of someone I love somewhere that seemed to me to be a place where they ought not to have been if all their talk of love and family really was true rather than pose.

In any case – that’s another story for a NEVER time – and not the point. The point is, here I am in yet another house with yet another trio of animals for yet another house-sitting gig and with the exception of this blog – which is barely interactive – I am off social media.

And, pssst, it’s really nice. Except for this fucking beagle.

What is it with me and beagles? This one is a puppy and I am trying to like him, really I am, but, he doesn’t listen. He won’t sit or come. In the time I have been here he has managed to climb up onto tables and knock over TWO glasses of ice water and WORSE – while I was in the shower – he chewed up one of my books – not the way to my heart –

Not the real culprit. I don't want to "mark" Bear for life as a criminal, so I'm keeping his face private - FOR NOW.

Not the real culprit. I don’t want to “mark” Bear for life as a criminal, so I’m keeping his face private – FOR NOW.

and he is relentless in his nagging of the dog here who is my fave, my Lucky. Lucky is high strung and likes his routine, likes his own way (hmmm….no wonder I love him so) and has been here forever, as has Zoe, who mostly ignores everything and sleeps all the time (hmmm….no wonder I love Zoe so-ey) whilst this new interloper beagle puppy, Bear (as in UN-bear-able) is – well – a PUPPY!

We are trying. However, whilst I was playing with Bear yesterday to try to wear him out, Lucky peed on the carpet. I get it, Lucky, really I do, but, what’s a fellow to do?

Good times. Love this house though. I sit in the library and read most of day and night when I am not writing. And there was an open bottle of a lovely Bordeaux with a note “drink me” – I did (well, I started, still some left – come over tonight?) and – call me crazy (doesn’t matter, I’m not on Facebook and – shit – I need to delete my Twitter too – forgot I had one) but my FAVORITE thing about this house –

The Swiffer-y floor mop thingy with the Scotch-brite microfiber pad which I use to do the hardwood floors

Ahhh....the Scotchbrite microfiber floor mop!

Ahhh….the Scotchbrite microfiber floor mop!

AND BE STILL MY HEART, a top of the line Dyson vacuum – oh but I love vacuums and there is NOTHING in this world like a Dyson.

A Dyson vac. I could spend all day with this delight!

A Dyson vac. I could spend all day with this delight!

I spent an hour last night watering all the glorious plants outside and an hour this morning swiffering and vacuuming – although – no one warned me that both Lucky and Bear attack the vac.

Life. Off to write. Until the gym. And then, tonight, the new season of PROJECT RUNWAY. Oh, life is good. If it can only stay this peaceful and serene until my birthday.

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