. . . here i am . . . going . . .

Later today I will be departing this location, after this, my eighth day with the three canine pals; Sophie (the Queen), Judah (her Consort), and Rudy (he defies categorization).

I will have three days before my next sitting gig begins.

I will be spending the remainder of this day – once I leave here and get “home” – making a cheesecake for a birthday party taking place tomorrow for my nephew, a party for which I have already gotten the ingredients for all the other foods he requested, a birthday party taking place Sunday.

Monday, I will be going to another birthday gathering for one of my dearest friends.

Tuesday morning I have an 8a.m. meeting for an arts sort of construction sort of planning sort of advisory sort of something group – although I suspect that if the group continues to grow at its current pace, becoming inhabited by more and more of the people whose version of “my story” is one so thwarted, distorted and contorted that it challenges reality, I will likely fade away from this group too.

You see, it has people on it. Committees are like that. Full of people. And people do those things people do, and are happy to do, and think they are meant to do. People judge and spin and tell tales in their heads; people divide into bad and good and black and white and young and old and true and false and right and wrong and on and on and on and on, so very busy filling the world up with the CACOPHONOUS DIN of the noise of their dividing and labeling that NOTHING ever just IS.

With my dogs, in my silence, no matter how many times they might want to throw up or – as my aunt always said – “do their business” in the house – STILL – they ALWAYS come at you with hope, wagging tail, and the certainty that you love them without walls or grudges in much the way they love and accept you.

Dogs have been good to me consistently and in ways people have not, in ways – I fear – people cannot. And that’s okay. I’m a person too, and just as prone to disappointing behavior. Which is why, despite any of the issues I might have had with Rudy, I will still miss these dogs. (And don’t tell Rudy, but very soon, I will be back with Sophie and Judah, and no Rudy. We are planning absolute bacchanals of delight!)

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