…the awesomeness of me…better stories about myself…

This is my new occasional series: THE AWESOMENESS OF ME; because:

“The most dangerous, damaging, and deleterious lies are not those we are told by others, but, rather, the ones we tell ourselves. Exercise for the day: take an inventory of the damaging beliefs you’ve believed about yourself, figure out the why and the wherefore if you can, then, if you need to – forgive yourself; but even more important: TELL YOURSELF A BETTER STORY ABOUT YOURSELF.”

charlie and lucky

1) Dogs LOVE me. By this I mean the canine variety. There could be an argument made that a particular breed of male one might term…… “dog” (which would be an insult to the canine variety of dog) has also always held a dangerous attraction for me, and I, for them, and too, that the word sometimes used for female dogs has played rather too large a role in my life – from me and others – and I could riff on “man’s best friend” and – yeah – all that, but this series is about what is AWESOME about me; so, let it go.

2) My friends have always been chosen for soul-connection without regard to age, race, gender, sexuality, educational or economic status, political or religious affiliation – and because of that my world is rich, wide, thrilling, diverse of opinion and experience, and my “best friends” run the gamut of all those ridiculous labels.

I pretty much rule. Good story. And true.

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