No one has been more disappointed in the train-wreck that SMASH has become. I, too, despise the ridiculous plotting, the impossible time-lines and ridiculous amount of suspension of disbelief required – not just about the way things work in theatre but also – possibly even more so – in human relationships – BUT STILL – every once in a while they hit it out of the park. And those once in a whiles almost ALWAYS involve MEGAN HILTY, who is a full on musical theatre goddess of the first order. And this week’s episode – as idiotic as much of it was – STILL made me mourn the fact that this show is sure to be canceled because now, we will never have any more moments like this:

And if that isn’t enough; we get to see Jeremy Jordan week after week.

jeremy jordan calendar

Now, if Jimmy and Kyle would just have a drunken night together . . . and Julia and Karen are murdered by a cracked-out Ellis and this thing that started with Kyle and Tom last night turns into a triangle with . . . WHY DON’T THEY LET ME WRITE THIS SHOW? I couldn’t possibly make it any more ridiculous than have they, could I?


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