…beautiful night…beautiful people…

It’s incredibly late for blogging, but, I had an amazing night with three dear, dear friends. I started crying this afternoon thinking about how lucky I was because tonight I would be celebrating my birthday with three people who love me, really and truly love me, all of me, without labels. There is no agenda, there is nothing but acceptance and faith and affirmation. There is a union beyond words, outside any societal definitions or shoulds or oughts: there is just this joy of being together. I love them.


In alphabetical order; Alison, Andrea, and Cody (here’s his OPEN LETTERS link) and this afternoon in Starbucks as I started thinking about tonight, I began to cry, because even with all the shit that life can bring (and has brought) and the people whose loss I mourn, and the things I should have done and songs I should have sung, it struck me that LOTS and LOTS of people never have in their entire life the kind of complete connection I have with these three people (and a few others, as well) and so, I’m not famous, I’m deeply in debt, I don’t have a literary agent, I didn’t have that “Wuthering Heights” love story, I trusted the wrong people over and over, I gave my heart and secrets and truthful emotion to people who trampled those things, I made tons of mistakes (and will make more), and blah blah blah BUT, holy shit, I have some amazing people in my life. And I love them. AND EVEN MORE AMAZING . . . they love ME. And that is way, way rarer than I once believed it to be and I treasure it.

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