…it is what it is…that’s the point, baby!

My life is just what it should be. I don’t always (ever) understand or, even, remember that, but of all the things I have come to believe, the guiding principle of “it is what it is” has always seemed the most true, the most consistently applicable.

And even as a dear friend and fellow blogger, Cody who writes at OPEN LETTERS (follow him) says about me; “…friend, partner in crime, and batman as he searches, not for “a point”, he’ll tell you there isn’t one! Wonderful, funny, enlightening!”


Yes, I question the validity of almost any “point” or “definition” or “must” or “should” or “because” – and consider most of those, most philosophies to be distractions, delusions, arbitrary lines and parameters we’ve invented so we’re not overwhelmed by the infinity of all-that-is-ness; EVEN SO, some days you just play along with “as it is” and the “as it is” of others. So, today is one of those days when I’m supposed to be celebrating me. Okay.

I’m counting blessings today. I’m smiling and laughing. I’ll probably cry too, before the day is over, and, again, that’s who I am and how it should be. Otherwise, it would be something else.

So, what makes me smile? Talent. This weekend I watched “Broadway or Bust” on PBS. It showed 60 young people from all over the country trekking to New York City to learn and grow and try to win the Jimmy Award. The two who ere triumphant, Elizabeth Romero and Joshua Grosso, were EXACTLY the ones I would have chosen. I cried repeatedly through the three hours. It reminded me of all the years I’d spent nurturing and encouraging and learning from all the talented children I was blessed to teach and soul-drained a little, each time it was time to let go. Teaching is the second hardest thing in the world, the first hardest being knowing when to stop teaching. Here they are.

Elizabeth’s truly original reading of the too-often-sung “Disneyland” was a revelation.

And Joshua’s rendition of the treasure from “The Light in the Piazza” – wow. Just, wow.

And so, then, trolling Tumblr and daily blogs today, I found a few delights. One of my former student-children loves, now a grown-up friend, has started a “Not a Parenting Blog.” She’s Jackie. And you should read her.


Another friend, of just the “grown-up” variety, busily editing her first novel, manages to keep up a hilarious blog and articles for an on-line journalism venture; today’s article was about a flopping penis adventure – well, that sounds just wrong, and it isn’t – it’s hilarious. Mary, and you should follow her blog, Pajamas and Coffee, too.


Then I tumbled across this photo of the inescapable, unavoidable Justin Bieber, pulling his pants ever lower. Image

The poor, silly twit started a Tweet uproar this weekend from the Anne Frank museum when he wrote this: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” Oh, Justin. Look, he’s a kid who spent his adolescence being marketed and worshipped, not guided or raised. He doesn’t have impulse control because he’s never been taught that his impulses were wrong. And so, the pants slide lower in every picture, the shirt comes off as often as possible, and it is only a matter of time before the nude shots and sex tape come out.Image

Speaking of which, and since we seem to be on a penis roll – now there’s a concept – although I think it’s called a hot dog bun already – but – I digress – tumbled across this photo too:


Caption: “I told you, you were gonna learn how to repress your gag reflex one way or another. Now open WIDE!”

Oh, life. Laugh. Smile. Read. That’s what I’m doing today. Because it’s – you know – a day when I’m supposed to be celebrating me. Yee-ha! I’m amazing.

Charlie and Debbie

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