Bleeding onto the page . . .

Writing is torture. Thus, the long pause between this and my previous text post. I have been trying to compose a screed about what’s gone wrong with “SMASH” and “GLEE” for almost a week now, and still, I can’t quite capture my furor and sorrow and . . . well, if I could think of the word, I’d have finished the damn article by now.

I am also working on a “mystery cozy” I hope will be the first in a series featuring a heroine and cast of characters of whom I am quite fond. Trouble is, I have four books in my head and all the characters who know that sooner or later they will have a turn at being the “featured role” want that turn RIGHT NOW DAMMIT – and keep trying to butt into the action of this first novel. They’re a tricky bunch and I will sometimes spend an entire day writing a scene which I then realize does NOT belong in this story.

So…the blog – newly revived – has suffered.


And, honestly – and writing is all about bleeding the truth, right? – this isn’t my favorite time of the year. So, I’m a bit – well – hmmm – let’s just say I’m a bit bit by things by which I’d rather not be bitten and old bites are a bit biting again leading to an infection of bitterness.

BUT – bright side; as luck would have it, a friend asked for permission to post a list of life-advice I wrote a few years ago. Re-reading it made me chuckle. So, Here it is. Old work, but, I can only bleed so much at a time, people. What the hell are you? Vampires? Oh, right, I forgot, yeah. I’ve an unfortunate affinity for being attracted to blood-suckers. But that’s another story, the blood for which I have not enough. Not today, anyway.


1. Reality is like a Young Adult Novel. At any moment you may find you have been hurtled through a portal to another world in which the rules have changed entirely and people who look exactly like people you thought you knew are completely different.

2. You’ll never know all the “whys” and you will never stop asking and everyone else is in the exact same situation.

3. The knees really are not the first thing to go.

4. Those people who claim to have the answers are either lying or delusional.

5. You must never let on to those liars and delusionists that you are on to them. They will try to do you harm if they think you’ve discovered their deceptions.

6. Refuse to be afraid. Keep your eyes, mind, and heart always open. This will protect you from the illusions, spells and glamours those cited in numbers 4 and 5 try to throw at you.

7. People are basically good, somewhere, somehow, on some level, if you look far enough inside them. People like those in 4 and 5 are not being evil on purpose. In all my decades I have met only two people who said out loud they wished to be mean. One of these people was an actor trying to play a role and the other was – come to think of it – basically an actor trying to play a role, the show just happened to be his life.

8. You can never be too rich or too thin. (Thank you Wallis Simpson.) You can also never be too young.

9. Control over others is not power. It is manipulation fueled by fear and deception. Do not yearn for this. It is difficult enough being responsible for yourself.

10. All the life lessons you will ever need have already been revealed in “The Wizard of Oz.”
     a.    You’ve always had the courage, brains, heart, and power to get yourself home.
     b.    Wizards don’t have any power; they are just sad, old illusionists hiding behind flash and flamboozle fooling others with smoke and mirrors.
     c.    People will gladly kill for a really nice pair of red high heels.

One thought on “Bleeding onto the page . . .

  1. old, new — I love and appreciate hearing your voice. Thank you for the struggle. Many of us are blessed by the results. love you, A

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